This podcast includes 52 approximately one-minute audios relating to events of the American Revolution. Keyhole to History was developed by the Sons of the American Revolution. In addition to the audios, there is a collection of lesson activities to assist students in better understanding the colonial era.

Keyhole to History Overview and Lesson Plans

"Keyhole to History," a collection of 52 approximately one-minute audios related to the American Revolution, was conceived and all episodes were written by Ben DuBose of the Brevard Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. Audios were prepared by Don Blair, Hope Byrnes, and Ann Crcoran. Each episode relates historical information from a specific week of the year and all episodes provide historical information about the American Revolution.

The related lesson plan and activities were developed by Colleen O. Wilson, Director of Education at the Louisville Headquarters of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. The file includes a lesson plan and supporting material for several learning centers introducing K-12 students to primary sources and daily life of the American Revolution period.

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